DTL OTMaster

Proof and post-process your OpenType fonts

The Swiss army knife for font production by Dutch Type Library: inspect, test and edit your compiled OTFs and TTFs.

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Preview Your Fonts on the Mac

See your fonts in native CoreText rendering, without installing, without restarting, without the fuss.

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Take a Peek in Your OpenType Fonts

Inspect and compare the OpenType tables in your compiled fonts, and look up their specification.

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Compare and merge two Glyphs files

Find and display all differences between .glyphs files, and selectively merge changes.

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Commit your Glyphs files to a git repository

Compare, sync and merge between local and remote .glyphs files

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Customize Your Glyph Info Databases

Easily edit your GlyphData.xml files, keep them consistent and valid.

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